Welcome to our small part of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Shop our line of small batch, handmade luxuries, made from the nectar of life on Hey Y’all Farm.

Hey Y’all Farm is what remains of the once large farm owned by the Pinner family, whose roots in the Asheville, NC, area are some of the oldest around. We purchased the small tract in 2014 and got to work restoring the land to build a sustainable and ethical life in balance with our values of conservation, generosity, and gratitude.

After growing a bumper crop of chili peppers, we began delivering the extra to local food banks. We learned how often the produce in food banks is just on the safe side of spoiled, definitely not fresh and bright and crunchy.

And we learned that 1 in 4 children in the Asheville area do not have access to three meals a day.

This was not okay. In a city booming with great dining and a “good vibes” ethos, this seemed incongruous and deserving of community-wide, all-hands-on-deck-level attention. Since then we’ve committed to growing fresh food for the food insecure through our donation garden, and connecting others to this spirit of hands-on generosity, which, we hope, brings our community just a little bit closer to the beautiful Appalachian utopia it strives to be.

Support our efforts by shopping our handmade, small batch farm goods.

Do you have or want to start a healthy garden to join our free food squad in your community?

We can help!

Meet the Crew

Bill Edmonds has always been passionate about two things: taking care of the natural world and corporate business models. A graduate of Warren Wilson College in Econ/Business Administration, Edmonds spent his early career as an adventure sports athlete and coach. Eventually he would merge his two loves, selling energy-efficient enterprise solutions for over a decade. Currently a product manager of Smart Building and Community solutions for the last six years, Edmonds also helps manage the grounds and the heavy lifting at Hey Y’all Farm.


Jen “Woodsy” Woods gets feverish about the natural world, travel, and spicy food. Before starting Hey Y’all Farm she served on the garden crew at Woodland Farm in Goshen, KY. When she’s not tending the gardens or harvesting veggies, Woods is a writer/editor who loves a great outdoor adventure with good friends more than just about anything. A confessed hobby-aholic, she can always find something interesting to do.